Journées d’informatique musicale (JIM) – 2012








Rudi Giot, Alexis Boilley et Ludovic Laffineur présentent à Mons aux Journées d’informatique mucicale un article intitulé: “Logiciel d’aide à la configuration d’un système de spatialisation sur acousmonium”. Il est disponible dans les actes des JIM 2012, Mons, Belgique, 2012, pp. 65-68.

LARAS website is now IPv6 enabled

We are proud to announce you that LARAS website is now IPv6 enabled.

And so what ? Well, nothing, at least, nothing visible! But we are now ready to face the upcoming IPv4 adress space exhaustion. When will it happen ? Who knows ? … A few monthes or years ? At least, we are ready.

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LARAS available through a new domain name :

LARAS website is now available at However, the old address ( will still work for a long time. Don’t forget to update your bookmarks !

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