LARAS at 22nd Euroweek

Ferrofluid spreading along a bolt. Steve De Jongh (Photographer) February 2016

“I think that more and more we all understand that innovation in the future will be on the intersection of arts and sciences.” (EU Commissioner Carlos Moedas)

Olivier Martin and Jawad Boujida, 3rd  year students at ISIB took part to the 22nd Euroweek in Brussels. They presented a dynamic piece of art with ferromagnetic fluid. With this fluid, we can imagine a new dynamic information sharing system. It will be innovative and aesthetic.

The device will show a ferrofluid suspended in a liquid and changing shape thanks to the application of a magnetic field. The screen panel is controlled by a Smartphone and allows maximal personalization.

Prix du jeune chercheur aux JIM 2015

À l’issue des Journées d’Informatique Musicale 2015 de Montréal, le prix du jeune chercheur a été décerné à Gwendal Le Vaillant, membre du laboratoire depuis le début de cette année 2015.

Ce prix récompense son travail sur MIAM Spat, “Multimodal Interface for Acousmatic Music Spatialization”, toujours en plein développement au LARAS avec Rudi Giot et Rafael Muñoz Gomez. Suivez-nous pour rester au courant des avancées du projet !

JIM 2015 Prize for Young Researcher

The JIM15 Prize for Young Researcher has been awarded to Gwendal Le Vaillant, who is a new researcher at LARAS since the beginning of 2015. JIM15 is a french-speaking conference dedicated to Computer Music which took place this year in Montreal, Canada.

The prize rewards his work on MIAM Spat, the Multimodal Interface for Acousmatic Music Spatialization, still being developped at LARAS with Rudi Giot and Rafael Muñoz Gomez. Follow us and stay informed about this project!

From the left to the right: Rafael Muñoz Gomez, Rudi Giot, and Gwendal Le Vaillant

From the left to the right: Rafael Muñoz Gomez, Rudi Giot, and Gwendal Le Vaillant

Vue écran mutitactile

MIAM Spat set up on an acousmonium

Vue projection

MIAM Spat set up on an acousmonium

Liens (FR)

NetPix – KIKK 2014 – the State of play



The 6th and 7th november 2014, Ludovic LAFFINEUR presented a installation called NetPix during the festival KIKK in Namur.

Visible borrowed space, “NetPix” materializes flows and makes data exchanges visible through pictures.
The installation captures and shows visual contents circulating on the Kikk14 network, raising a fundamental question: Does a private life really exist on the Internet?
Grabbed pictures are displayed on cathodic televisions, almost universel symbols of a pre-internet time where privacy sounded different.




KISS 2014 – Collaboration Live – Conferences


Last month the Sonification Laboratory attended at the Kyma Internationnal Sound Symposium (KISS) in Lübeck (DE).

  • Ludovic LAFFINEUR did a collaborative live performance with Cristian VOGEL about Network Sonification called Internet Rumbles. Have you ever thought to listen to the Internet? That is what the performance attempts to achieve by analyzing network data traffic. Spectators are going to feel Internet Rumbles through visualizations and a data-driven montage of dolphin sounds, shortwave radio and pentatonic tuned oscillators which reacted to data such as the connections of devices in the room, and the global distance and density of the data packets they sent back and forth from the web.
  • Rudi GIOT and Jean-Luc BOEVE presented a talk about Volatiles that sound bad.
    • Ludovic LAFFINEUR and Damien GROBET introduces the technical aspect of Internet Rumbles and Plantification. Plantification is how to control Kyma with a plant. During the associated workshop we made a short video :


Euroweek 2014 – NewsWater

NICOLAS BOUCQUEY and GAELLE GERARD, students of 3th  Bac in ISIB have presented the project NEWSWATER during the 20th Euroweek hosted by Mälardalen University, Västerås, Sweden.
The students presented an amazing and innovative project: a masterpiece of the future! A scaled prototype display information such as temperature, air quality, news, etc. . The information will be given to people on a designed projected interface on the fountain or by different water based processes.